Alpha Marketing

Alpha Marketing was created and developed with one goal in mind and that was to bring expert industry insight coupled with innovative products and services that would create revenue streams to Fleet Business and the Salary Packaging sectors alike.

Whilst we service select dealerships throughout Australia, it is our focused and tailored approach in the Fleet sector that is our speciality and which allows us to demonstrate our point of difference and unique style in growing these incremental, yet highly profitable revenues streams.

Alpha Marketing is supported by a national infrastructure capable of servicing yours and your client’s requirements. This bolstered by our “can do” attitude, ensures we meet and exceed your KPI’s and your clients expectations.

With many years experience both in the supply of Aftermarket products and in the Fleet field we are confident in our offering, and have a proven track record for success in delivering and meeting these objectives.

In an unsure market, it is sometimes better to focus on the profitability of your existing customer base, than expend much of your resources chasing many potential and possibly unprofitable prospects.