Autogard Premium Paintgard

Produces a fantastic shine and is guaranteed to protect against bird and bat droppings, industrial fallout, acid rain, tree sap, and of course, oxidisation, fading and loss of gloss.
Never wax or polish again, lifetime warranty

Autogard Carpet & Fabricgard

Protects against life’s little “everyday accidents”.It provides lasting protection against permanent staining of carpet, fabric and velour, caused by foodstuffs and drinks such as water, coffee, soda and milk.
Prevents fading, staining and reduces wear, non toxic formula.

Autogard Leather & Vinylgard

Produces an even sheen, and provides lasting protection against. permanent staining of the leather and vinyl caused by foodstuffs and drinks such as water, coffee, soda and milk.
It also protects against cracking and splitting or discolouration of the leather and vinyl, caused by sunlight and heat.

Autogard Electronic Rustgard

Provides substantial protection against rust corrosion to all the metal surfaces of the vehicle – even the roof area – including surface rust as a result of minor scratches and stone chips AutoGard Electronic RustGard provides customers with peace of mind and a superior warranty cover. Standards complied*
Advanced technology, enviro friendly.

Premium Window Film

Our Premium Window Film comes in a full metal or matching carbon equivalent for those windows that have a radio antenna in the rear screen. Our high performance film has a VLT of 35%, rejects 99% of UV, over 50% heat rejection, and more than 65% glare reduction. and milk.
Darkest legal, increased security, looks good…


Autogard Warranty & Maintenance Pack

The Platinum Protection Pack includes a complimentary AutoGard Maintenance Pack.
A comprehensive nationwide lifetime warranty on all new vehicles.